• Monitor Your Servers Ensure that your servers are always running with Reduxas Server Monitor! With peace of mind, you can concentrate on other things that should be much more critical rather than wondering if your mail server went down. Download

  • Peak Efficiency Adding Reduxas Server Monitor to your arsenal allows you to perform more tasks with more certainty. With integrated RDP connections, you can connect instantly to the server, without having to launch to program and key in the computer ID. Download

  • Apple Support While the client doesn't run on Macintosh (yet!) the Reduxas Server Monitor is still able to monitor services and the Apple server itself. Download

  • Free Software Reduxas Server Monitor is free for use and is constantly being improved. With continual growth, the program is infinite and new features will be introduced! Download

  • Emails and SMS Be anywhere and receive the alerts that are critical to you. If you're someone who doesn't check emails at all times, you can receive a text message from the software and your phone will notify you in a more direct way than an email. Download

  • Feature Requests and Bug Reports With users constantly reporting any bugs and the continual improvements to the software, you can rest assured that the software will always be working. Download

Software is ready for download! If you do happen to come across any bugs (there will most likely be enough) please report them!



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