This is the about us, but to be honest, there is no us... yet... The Reduxas Server Monitor software is completely free, but comes with no warranty. It is not published under the GNU license which pretty much means the program is closed source. One day I may open it up, but I'm not a professional coder I am a little embarrassed to show anyone the insides. The software is programmed on my spare time and updates may take some time, but I am more than happy to continue this project.

I built the program to monitor my flaky servers that are run on re-purposed desktop hardware. I found that the servers would randomly restart or shutdown, services with crash and stop responding; I needed something to ensure that my mail server is always running. In school, in a team of 3, we programmed something very similar to this software that would monitor services, servers and their hardware temperatures; this included alerts via prompts from the software, emails and SMS text messages.

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